Dentist in Shreveport LA – “Teeth whitening Shreveport LA” / “Tooth Repair Shreveport LA”

Month 1: $2240.00 in new revenue
Month 2: $1890.00 in new revenue
Month 3: $2675.00 in new revenue


Tax & Accounting services Goodyear AZ

“They did what they said they would do. I stopped the service after 6 months, but after some process improvements I will start it up again.”

-Dan G.

IT Consultant Cary NC – “Hard Drive Repair Cary NC” / “Virus and Malware Cary NC” / “Tech Support Cary NC”

Month 1:  9 contacts, 4 new customers
Month 2:  19 contacts, 5 new customers
Month 3: 35 contacts, 18 new customers – hired part time helper
Month 4: 34 queries, 4 new customers – interviewed by online radio station – website traffic tripled.


HVAC company  Plymouth MI

“I used this in conjunction with Google Ad Words. This worked better. Will it work forever? I don’t know, but it did get me more customer calls, so as long as it keeps working I’ll be using their service.”

Raquin M.


IT Repair Shop Livonia MI – “Virus and Malware Livonia MI” / “Tech Support Livonia MI” / “Computers Livonia MI”

Month 1:  19 contacts and walk-ins, 7 new customers
Month 2:  42 contacts and walk-ins, 15 new customers
Month 3: 35 contacts and walk-ins, 11 new customers – started selling more recurring monthly packages.
Month 4: 54 contacts and walk-ins, 14 new customers
Month 5: 30 contacts and walk-ins, 3 new customers – stopped our service because of too much business!


NC Home Security Company Holly Springs

“It started slow and I almost stopped, but then I saw my business on an ABC affiliate, and my company on page 1 of google. I gave it 1 more month and it has paid for itself. I have 4 new customers at $989 more in sales per month”

Linda S.

…and countless more in almost every business category!