Q: What would you call this type of marketing strategy?

A: We simply title it “Branding and Reputation Marketing”.  It is unlike anything you have used before, and can help you compete with the market leaders in 2-3 months.


Q: Don’t other companies do this?

A: Just like coffee, each kind is different.  RevenueBrew uses new methods that are much more effective than typical SEO or Reputation Management.  We constantly update our software and algorithms to reflect changes in the marketplace, giving you an advantage over your competition. Who is your biggest competitor? We can put you above them in under a year.


Q: Are the leads sent to me mine alone?

A: YES!  We only provide leads to one business type per city/area. We don’t share like Home Advisor or Angie’s list. And you’re not bidding against others for leads.  You only pay for leads that we both agree on.


Q: Does the RevenueBrew system work for every business?

A: Yes, the RevenueBrew system can be pulled apart or combined to fit every business category.


Q: Can I market myself in more than one area?

A: Of course. However pricing is per geographical area. We do our best to help you determine the best fit(s) to keep costs down.


Q: Will this work in my small town?

A: Absolutely! Our system might even work better due to lower competition. For the Google Money pack we work better in small towns.